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To book a consultation or Reiki session, click here
First time clients only

Zoom | 30 mins:

Free of charge 



A consultation prior to your first Reiki treatment gives us the chance to meet and it is my priority that my clients feel completely  comfortable throughout their Reiki journey with me, even if you will only experience it once.  

This is also an opportunity for you to share why you would like Reiki and to ask any questions before your first session. This will allow me to assess your needs, intentions and help to create an even more safe, healing space for you.

This service is for those who are new to Reiki and if you have never had a Reiki treatment with me before.

Select the 'Book Consultation' button on this page to arrange the Zoom meeting.

Distance Reiki: Scheduled

Scheduled | 50 mins

£45 per session



Reiki energy will be sent at an agreed time. This is ideal if you are unable to have uninterrupted time.


This option is also available if you prefer not to have the session on Zoom.

We will connect before and after the session by phone / text message / Whatsapp.

You may also have scheduled Reiki sent any time of the day or night. This means I connect to Reiki and schedule it even if our time zones do not sync.

Distance Reiki :

 Zoom | 50 mins

£45 per session


Our session will be on Zoom Video.

We will have a chat to set the intention of the healing before the session begins. There is the option to sit comfortably or lay down during the session. It is advisory to wear loose fitting clothing as the session will be up to an hour long. You may close your eyes and take the opportunity to rest for the duration of the the treatment. 

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts. For this session, you will need up to one hour and fifteen minutes uninterrupted time.

Find out more about Distance Reiki on my blog.

The gift of Reiki

Reiki  | 50 mins

£45 / £50 e-gift card


Gift a special person in your life a Distance Reiki treatment or if they are based in or near Harrow, Middlesex UK, you may gift them an in-person healing session at MSCM Natural Therapy Centre with me.

One card is for Distance Reiki is £45 and In-person Reiki is £50, however if you would like to gift more than one session, just let me know.


Gifting someone a Reiki session is such a special and thoughtful gift. Reiki is the perfect gift for someone who really deserves some relaxation!

A personalised e-gift card will be emailed to you for you to send to them. Please contact me for service.

Reiki in-person:
Harrow, London, UK

50 mins

£50 per session


Our session will be in-person at the MSCM Natural Therapy Centre, West Harrow, London, UK

When you arrive, you will be asked to take your shoes off as you enter the clinic, as a sign of respect and honour of the healing space.


We will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and set an intention for the session. For the duration of the treatment, you may sit or lay down (on a padded treatment table), whichever you feel more comfortable with. It is advisory to wear loose fitting clothing as the session will be 50 mins. There will be relaxing music playing during our session.

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts.

Distance Reiki : Top Up

Reiki | 20 mins 

£20 per session



This is a top up service and available to those who have had a Reiki session with me and would like to book top ups for next chosen amount of consecutive days as a booster.

We can discuss if this service may be beneficial to you.

Disclaimer: Reiki is a holistic, complementary healing therapy. It is used to work alongside and not in replacement of medical treatments. Please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor in the case of serious illness. 

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