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Exploring the Benefits and Practice of Distance Reiki

In the realm of energy healing, the powerful yet gentle Japanese practice of Distance Reiki, also known as Remote Reiki, is a wonderful way to receive the benefits without even leaving your home! While Reiki is often known as the practice of hands-on-healing, whereby the Practitioner places their hands on or hovering above the client's body, Distance Reiki defies geographical boundaries, allowing healing energies to transcend space and time. Find out more about this beautiful practice, of which I specialise in.

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What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki (Rei: Spirit/ Soul - Ki: Energy) is a non-invasive, Japanese healing modality, whereby a Reiki Practitioner sends healing to person, animal, object or even a situation. At its core, Reiki is based on the belief that a universal life force energy flows within and around us. Practitioners tap into this energy to promote balance, harmony, and healing. The energy sets out to clear and unblock our chakras. Chakras, translated from Sanskrit as 'wheels' or 'discs' are energy centres within the body that are associated with various physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

With Distance Reiki, the practitioner channels this energy to the recipient, regardless of their physical location. It operates on the principle that energy is not confined by distance and can be transmitted through intention and focus.

The Practice Unveiled

Distance Reiki sessions typically begin with both the practitioner and recipient setting an intention for the healing. The practitioner may use various techniques, such as visualization or meditation, to connect with the recipient energetically. I personally use both, along with the Distance Reiki symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. The energy is then channeled to the recipient, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Common queries I receive are whether I feel tired after a session or my clients have been worried if I will take on their energy. Neither apply if practiced correctly and it is not my own personal energy that I am sending. As the practitioner, I am the vessel between the client and life force energy and facilitate the healing session.

Distance Reiki offers a flexible and inclusive approach to energy healing.

Benefits Beyond Borders

One of the primary advantages of Distance Reiki is its accessibility. Clients can experience healing from the comfort of their homes or a quiet space of their choice, eliminating the need for physical presence. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may be immobile, live in remote areas, feel energetically comfortable in their own space or they face time constraints. Life can get so busy, we often forget about ourselves just to get by, so Distance Reiki offers a flexible and inclusive approach to energy healing.

Moreover, the practice is not limited by the constraints of time zones or busy schedules. Both practitioner and recipient can coordinate sessions at a time that suits them best. This flexibility also opens the door for individuals around the world to experience the transformative effects of Reiki. My clients have been based in Sweden, North America, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia...and also a 15 minute drive away from me in London! These are just some of the wellness benefits of Reiki (both distance and in-person) that may be experienced:

  • Emotional, physical and mental clarity

  • Improve sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and / or depression

  • Physical pain management

  • Ease imbalanced hormonal symptoms such as pre-menstrual tension, perimenopause, menopause and andropause

Distance Reiki vs In-person Reiki

Would you opt for Distance Reiki or an in-person treatment, knowing that both modalities harness the universal life force to promote balance and healing? In-person sessions offer a direct, hands-on experience, and for some, having the time and wanting to dedicate an hour meeting their Practitioner in person is a nourishing experience for them. Distance Reiki unfolds its magic beyond the limits of proximity, proving ideal for those unable to attend in person or just want to be within their own environment. Both paths unite toward the shared destination of holistic well-being.

How to prepare for a Distance Reiki treatment

It's important to schedule your appointment when you know you will have uninterrupted time. A session with me will last up to an hour, and either end of the session you get an opportunity to share your thoughts and intentions. The following is what I advise my clients, prior to a booked session:

  • Choose a calm and dimmed space, where you know you can relax

  • Sit on a comfy armchair or lay on your bed or sofa. Place a cushion under the knees that can support your lower back if need be, especially if you are laying on a yoga mat

  • Consider placing a blanket on you or nearby, as energy work can make you feel colder, especially when the body goes into a relaxed state.

  • All Reiki sessions, whether from a distance or in-person, with any Practitioner, is always fully clothed, so wear something comfortable as you will be laying or sitting in the same position for up to an hour

  • Don't be too full or too hungry - best to eat two or three hours prior to the session

  • Have a glass of water in the room with you, as drinking water post sessions helps to eliminate any toxins from the body

Journeying Through Distance Reiki

During a Distance Reiki session, many people frequently share sensations of warmth, gentle tingling, colourful lights or a soothing wave of energy washing over them. Emotional releases are not uncommon during Distance Reiki. As the energy flows, it has a way of unlocking buried emotions, allowing for a cathartic release of stress, anxiety, or pent-up feelings. Clients often express a sense of lightness and clarity afterward, as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. As I, the Practitioner, channel energy across to the recipient, clients may experience visions, a heightened state of awareness, profound relaxation and a peaceful state of mind that lasts beyond the session itself. Many of my clients also fall asleep, which is wonderful too - snoring is most welcome in my sessions, it's quite the compliment actually!

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Client Experiences

Numerous people who have received Distance Reiki share their profound experiences across the world. From a sense of deep relaxation to emotional release and physical improvement, the testimonials speak to the efficacy of this gentle form of healing. Reiki not only makes sense of our inner workings but also around us. And my Distance Reiki clients love being in their own space! My day time clients get on with their day after a session and say they feel clear headed and calm through challenging moments and my evening clients love to fall asleep in their own bed after a session and message me the next day to tell me how soundly they slept! Some of my clients have shared their experiences of Distance Reiki as testimonials, for which I am grateful, so feel free to head over to my testimonials page to read their journeys:

Connect with me

Whether you’re new to Reiki or holistic healing is your go-to wellness path, exploring the benefits and practice of Distance Reiki can open up new dimensions of healing and self connection.

Complimentary Consultation for New Clients:

My soul purpose (not a typo!) is to prioritize your well-being from the very start. New clients are invited to book a free 30 min consultation via Zoom video, creating a space for mutual understanding and comfort. This personalised session ensures an opportunity for you to ask questions, share your needs, and establish a foundation of trust. I believe in encouraging connections that resonate, making every step towards healing a collaborative and enriching experience.

To schedule your free consultation and take your first step towards a path of wellness, click the 'Book Consultation' button.

Distance Reiki | Zoom

Distance Reiki over Zoom entails my client and I meeting at a set time and having a 5 - 10 min chat to set an intention for the healing and an opportunity share. The client either sits or lays down whilst I begin to send the Reiki. Once the session is complete, the client has an opportunity to share how they feel. The other option, if Zoom is not preferred is, I message or call the client prior and post the session.

Distance Reiki | Scheduled:

Offering Reiki sessions at a scheduled time provides flexibility and convenience for both practitioners and clients, when dealing with conflicting time zones or busy schedules. In Distance Reiki, the energy transcends the constraints of time and space, allowing practitioners to send healing energy to clients at a predetermined time that suits both parties. This approach ensures that clients can receive the benefits of Reiki without the need for simultaneous availability. It accommodates individuals with diverse commitments and geographical locations, making healing accessible and adaptable to the unique circumstances of each client.

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And finally, if you have any questions about Distance Reiki or would like to contact me, feel free to call or drop me a message through my contacts form. I also invite you to join my mailing list, so if you would like to be notified of future blogs, Reiki insights, and mindful content,, feel free to join my lovely community.

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Blog written by Shephali, Reiki Practitioner at quietly healing

Disclaimer: Reiki is a holistic, complementary healing therapy. It is used to work alongside and not in replacement of medical treatments. Please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor in the case of serious illness. 


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