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31 Days of Journal prompts for the New Year: Reflective Insights and Joyful Nurturing (Part 2)

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Welcome to Part 2 of '31 days of Journal prompts for the New Year', to embody self discovery, reflections and preparation for the year ahead. As I delve into the remaining 16 days of December, these journal prompts invite you to explore deeper layers of your aspirations, dreams and the path you wish to carve in the coming year.

Just as each prompt in the first 15 days laid the groundwork, these next set of reflections will add rich layers to your self-discovery. Don't forget, this journalling journey is entirely yours to shape! Start anytime (it's not limited to December!), do a few prompts at your own pace, and choose the ones that resonate most with you. You can create this as a daily practice or any time you feel the need to reset and recharge. Feel free to adjust the wording, too - it's all about openess and connection with yourself.

Journalling is such a powerful tool with benefits that extend to personal development and a deeper connection to your soul. If you're curious about the gentle gifts this practice brings and would like to explore Part 1, days 1 - 15, where I delve into the five benefits of journaling.

So, grab a notebook and settle into this gifted time you give yourself, to set the stage for a fullfilling and joyous year ahead.

Days: 16 - 31 Journal Prompts for the New Year ahead

#16 - Relationship Growth:

How have your relationships evolved in the past year? What steps can you take to encourage positive connections in the new year?

#17 - Joyful Rituals:

Identify daily rituals that bring you joy. How can you prioritse these rituals in the new year for a positive start to each day?

#18 - Reflecting on Resilience:

Recall a time you showed resilience. How can this resilience guide you through challenges in the new year?

#19 - Cultivating Positivity:

List three positive affirmations in your journal for the new year. How can these affirmations shape your mindset and outlook?

#20 - Reflecting on mistakes:

Take a compassionate look back on the mistakes or challenges you may have encountered this year. What valuable lessons did they teach you and how have they contributed to your personal growth?

#21 - Expressing Creativity:

How can you make room for more creative expression in the coming year and what does that look like for you? How could you take the first step in making it happen?

#22 - Social Connection:

Reflect on the positive social connections you've experienced. How have they influenced your well-being, and how can you continue to nurture and uplift those relationships?

#23 - Gratitude for Growth:

Reflect on personal growth throughout the year. In what ways have you evolved, and how can you continue this growth in the new year?

#24 - Holiday traditions:

Share a favourite holiday tradition. How can you carry the spirit of these traditions into your everyday life?

#25 - Nature Connection:

Reflect on how nature and the outdoors influences your well-being and recall any moments you spent connecting with nature. How can you include more time this way in the new year?

#26 - Joyful Movement:

What physical activity has brought you joy? How can you prioritise movement and exercise in the coming months?

#27 - Embracing Change:

Explore your attitude towards change. How does change make you feel? How can you approach change with a positive mindset in the new year?

#28 - Expressing Gratitude:

Write a thank you note to someone who made a positive impact on your year. How can you express gratitude more regularly in 2024?

#29 - Reflections on Courage:

Recall instances where you demonstrated courage this year. How did these acts of bravery shape your personal growth, and in what ways can you cultivate courage in your journey forwards?

#30 - Empowering Letter to Self:

Write a letter to your future self, highlighting the qualities that make you proud and envisioning the person you aim to enhance or become in the year ahead. Celebrate your strengths, set positive intentions, and embrace the journey toward a more empowered you.

#31 - Gratitude for the Year Ahead:

Set the tone for the coming year with a heart full of gratitude. Take a moment to express gratitude for the opportunities, growth, and achievements you anticipate in the year ahead, with the help of this short practice: Close your eyes and notice your gentle pace of breath for a few moments. When you're ready, envision and feel into the moments waiting to be cherished, as though they are already yours. Welcome the year ahead with a spirit of thankfulness for the abundance of possibilities that lie ahead.

Open your eyes when you are ready and close the practice with what feels comfortable for you; maybe hands in anjali mudra (palms and fingertips together at the centre of your chest, your anahata, heart chakra ), or a smile, a stretch or saying thank you out loud. In your journal, feel free to express how you felt, what you saw for yourself, any thoughts or feelings - this is your journey.


Embrace the transformative power of reflection and self care as you embark on this 31-day journey. May each journal entry of your thoughts and feelings be a step toward a more joyous and purposeful year. Happy journaling!

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